Our Collections

Galeri Inggil houses the collection of Indonesian paintings. We have around 180 pictures including the famous Affandi, Jeihan, I Made Djirna, and many other instantly recognisable masterpieces.

Abstract Composition
Adolf Breetvelt, 1938
100X130 cm, Oil on Canvas

Pasar Kerbau
Affandi, 1967
73X129 cm, Oil on Canvas


The Balinese Dancer in The Warm Sun of Bali
Antonio Blanco, 1960
37X24 cm, Watercolor on Paper

Girl With The Red Candle
Antonio Blanco, 1960
49X49 cm, Watercolor on Paper

Pura Merah
Arie Smit, 2001
88X66 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

Arie Smit, 2001
80X66 cm, Oil on Canvas

Peasent Returning from The Field
Arie Smit, 2001
46X55 cm, Oil on Canvas

Alam Bali
Arie Smit, 2001
46X55 cm, Oil on Paper



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